Iconic Palace

Iconic Palace

Location: Oriente Medio (Middle East)

The Palace, located in a climate such as the Middle East, is like a large interior cave which provides protection from the extreme outside temperatures.

The interior of the cube shaped building contains a living room in a large open area with high ceilings while the rest of the rooms are based in its four corners.

There is a semi-buried area, with lounges, swimming pools, play areas, kitchens and dining rooms for the whole family to enjoy; with a large geometric lounge for public functions.

The façade is opaque with spaces for lattices and entries of screened light, and openings at the base of the cube to access the gardens which are designed for enjoying the evenings.

There are balconies in the central area of all four sides of the cube facing the exterior with views of the garden and the water feature.

The interior is organized as a small maze, which is familiar only to the home owner, while the visitors enjoy a stepped central space.