Fenwick Iribarren Architects does not forget such important concepts as the environment and sustainability, both playing an important role in each of their projects. More and more developers and clients look for solutions that respect the environment as a fundamental part of their business policy. Fenwick Iribarren knows and practices sustainable design methods in their buildings which result in advantageous savings in the real life of a building.


Fenwick Iribarren distinguishes itself as the only firm in Spain that includes a specialization in landscape architecture since the Studio gives great importance not only to the building but also to the surrounding space. Fenwick Iribarren is carrying out projects of great importance such as the planning and exterior zones of the city of Telefonica in Madrid, and is working on the design of parks in Alcala de Henares and Aranjuez, areas designated as World Heritage sites.


Fenwick Iribarren fully incorporates BIM technology in our design process, from the initial idea to the construction phase. The project is conceived not as a series of disconnected documents, but as a database linking the geometry and the information of the building. This gives us greater control over the project, better coordination with other disciplines, and the ability to evaluate all aspects of the design simultaneously. We use the best tools to obtain the best results.


Currently, Fenwick Iribarren Architects uses these new tools for the controlled and optimized design of roof geometry, for the development of a stadium grandstand, or for solving the optimum quartering of a fa├žade, amongst others. The challenge of the modern digital society, new computer systems and design software together with the advances in construction technology have led to an evolution in architecture and design, with both heading in the same direction. Parametric design has become a crucial tool linked to our times. Latest generation software such as Grasshopper makes possible what seemed an exclusive domain of the most advanced technology only a few years ago.


Unlike many other architecture firms, Fenwick Iribarren has its own 3D department. 3D tools provide a powerful method for the analysis of buildings and cover the entire architectural development process: initial brainstorming with virtual models, a projects detailed design stages, commercialization, etc. 3D Design has a dual purpose: internally, as a methodological process, and externally, for presenting ideas to clients, Town Halls, etc., focusing on aspects such as morphological analysis, visual impact, and space definition.


The interior design team creates unique and enriching spaces to help our clients to achieve their objectives, which are met through intelligent planning, creativity, by applying innovation and technology, considering cultural conditions, respecting the environment, and designing attractive and functional spaces.


Fenwick Iribarren has a department of building surveyors whose main responsibilities are to collaborate with the architects in the design process to make sure they comply with building regulations as well as On Site Management, when requested by the client. The building surveyors have an extensive experience in cost control, optimization of constructive solutions, regulatory compliance, health and safety, quality control, waste management, and administrative procedures for obtaining licenses with the corresponding statutory bodies. They also have a broad experience in On Site Management for unique projects such as stadiums, office & high rise buildings and building refurbishment.