About us


Fenwick Iribarren Architects, founded in 1990 by architects Mark Fenwick and Javier Iribarren, is a nationally and internationally recognised architectural design studio. Its most important projects are represented in all types of architecture. Through vast experience it has become one of few recognised experts in the field of sporting construction and stadiums. Furthermore, Fenwick Iribarren has set the standard in the office sector as architects for the “Quinta Torre” as well as partner and co-author of Torre Espacio, two of the few skyscrapers built in Spain. Similarly it designs homes; both private as well as state-subsidised housing and for years has been one of few architectural studios to handle the design of vanguard shopping centres.

In recent years the office has become leaders in Football Stadium design, and is fast becoming one of the main international architectural practices with expertise in this field. This started from the international success of the new Espanyol FC stadium, winner of the Stadium Business Award 2010 for best Sports Venue of the Year, for Best Stadium in the Spanish First Division 2013 and also used as the centre for UEFA KISS conferences.

Other major projects include the new Valencia stadium for 75.000 spectators, as well as the Norwegian National stadium concept design, and the New National Stadium for Gibraltar. Fenwick Iribarren is also designing stadiums for Qatar 2022 World Cup, including the Qatar Foundation Stadium, which includes a totally unique Cooling system for spectator comfort.

Fenwick Iribarren Architects enjoys a multidisciplinary team structure whose professional experience, in Spain as well as in other countries, offers clients an approach to the field of architecture difficult to find in the market. Over the last 25 years Fenwick Iribarren has worked for a great number of companies, Spanish as well as foreign, designing buildings of the highest quality and design. Fenwick Iribarren is also one of the foremost architectural experts in the Commerce and Leisure markets. In this area, among its most important projects, the Commercial Centres El Portet in Denia, Alegra, Diversia, Nassica, and the expansion of Parquesur.


Fenwick Iribarren Architects is one of few Spanish Architecture firms that works on important projects on an international scale in countries such as China, Dubai, Malaysia and Morocco. Following international awards of the highest level, Fenwick Iribarren has embarked on a new phase of international expansion with the goal of introducing Spanish design to other countries. Recently Fenwick Iribarren in partnership with SMAO, overcoming the competition of many renowned prestigious international companies, was awarded a large project in Shanghai, the construction of an entire district comprised of buildings of many uses.


Teamwork and constant, fluid communication with the client from the first stage of the project are the keys that define the philosophy of work of Fenwick Iribarren. The organization chart of the studio is structured in very dynamic, interdisciplinary teams with different degrees of specialization and the capacity to carry out different tasks simultaneously. Design and quality are the primary objectives of the architecture firm. For Fenwick Iribarren, one of the most important aspects of a building is correct functionality. To that end, a building is conceived as a custom made “prototype” and, therefore, can be perceived as a “machine” with close ties between function and architecture.

In Spain, commercial architecture and architecture as Art are becoming ever more intertwined. For this reason, the Studio is constantly searching for formulas to combine good architecture with economically and commercially viable projects for their clients.

Fenwick Iribarren is able to design imaginative projects with controlled costs and still achieve unique and functional buildings. Cost management is seen as key and all projects are drawn up within the established budget. In each phase the designs are adapted constantly to meet the budget. Management of work scheduling, also considered of vital importance in the development of each project, receives the same emphasis.

In short, Fenwick Iribarren’s goal is to create the best buildings in quality, delivery schedule and price and to develop quality architecture in execution as well as design to provide tangible and marketable value to their clients. This manner of understanding architecture is evidenced in the very offices of Fenwick Iribarren in Madrid, which display a functional, modern studio with the most advanced technology and systems, capable of producing a design coherent with a business program, and creating functional spaces for living and working.