Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium

Client: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
Location: Doha, Qatar
Size: 120.000
Spectators: 40.000

The Al Thumama Stadium Architectural concept is expected to have a strong reference to the object, Al Ghafiyah, giving rise to a design language. 

The interior design is inspired by traditional patterns, local roots and heritage.  A national emblem materialized through beautiful, intelligent design, while maintaining a modern and timeless approach coherent with the overall stadium design. 

Woven textures, stadium circular shape and the façade rhombic pattern are used as part of the interiors language.

The color and materials that are inspired in the façade elements, and introducing natural local textures and colors (sand and water), to create and interior that has connectivity with architectural elements while bringing warmth, contrast, texture and human scale.  

This design creates an environment that is unique, inviting, fresh and memorable.