Competition - Casablanca Football Stadium

Competition - Casablanca Football Stadium

Client: Royaume du Maroc
Location: Casablanca, Marruecos (Morocco)
Size: 140.000 m2
Spectators: 80.000

The new Casablanca stadium, with a spectator capacity of 90,000, is a multifunctional sports complex situated along the green valley that surrounds the city.

The complex is conceived as an iconic development in which to carry out major sports events such as football and athletics as well as other public shows and events.

The general concept for the sports complex is based on a marquee in a park.  Within this marquee a fort like structure is evolved by different geometries superimposed over one another, emulating the fortifications and palaces that are typical in Moroccan culture.

As Casablanca is the most cosmopolitan city in the country, this status is reflected in the design by the metaphorical use of windows, which overlook the surrounding scenery, being orientated towards the most important cities around the globe.