Residential Building Refurbishment

Residential Building Refurbishment

Client: Magnum & Partner
Location: Gran Via 68
Size: 9.775m2

Rehabilitation of a very historic building located in the old part of the centre of Madrid with commercial and residential use.

Refurbishing of the main entrance to the building and common areas to give a more modern and innovative look, redesigning ceiling and lighting, and maintaining the materials and original design of floor and walls.

The rehabilitation of the apartments consists of updating and modernizing the spaces, taking full advantage of the new distributions, the privileged views and the free interior height.

The materials and finishes are natural and warm, creating inviting and modern environments. Open and efficient spaces are created, with integrated and equipped kitchens, bathrooms and state-of-the-art systems.

It is also added, redesigned and taken advantage of the covered attic space as common leisure area with swimming pool, gym and gourmet area.