Medusa Tower

Medusa Tower

Client: Katara
Location: Doha, Qatar
Size: 40.000 m2

Fenwick Iribarren has designed a187 metre high tower along the urban expansion area of Katara.

(1878, Year Qatar was founded) It is an area where lots of jellyfish can be found and we have used them to develop an aesthetic and formal tower.

It is a tower which rises from the sea with an underground access surrounded by a large circular quay where boats can dock. Visitors can enjoy a large aquarium which goes from the entrance to the main hall before getting a circular panoramic lift up to the top of the tower where they will find a great viewpoint, restaurants, galleries and a Sky Bar.

The structure is made up of a series of hollow rings attached to vertical communication core elements with emergency stairs and service elevators. A translucent skin gives a vibrant look to the whole facade.