Mendez Alvaro Competition

Mendez Alvaro Competition

Client: Acciona
Location: Mendez Alvaro
Size: 15.150 m2

This project is developed in an restricted competition for Acciona, and in a developing part of Madrid, Mendez Alvaro, close to the Atocha Station.

The project looks to develop a unique residential building in this area, and therefore develops a floor plan of the apartments with a clear division of the day uses (living rooms and kitchen) and the night uses (bedrooms and bathrooms)

The Day uses are therefore facing the south, and creates a series of vertical towers, breaking up the scale of the block. The block to the south is in a white prefabricated panels.

The Night uses are to the north and are a long block in black brick.
The roof terrace and the ground floor is landscaped for use by the owners.