Solana de Valdebebas Master Plan

Solana de Valdebebas Master Plan

Client: Solana de Valdebebas
Location: Valdebebas, Madrid, España (Spain)
Size: 1.096.000 m2

Fenwick Iribarren Architects have been selected to design La Solana de Valdebebas, the last outstanding urban development in the north of Madrid, situated in the transitional area between La Moraleja and the future Valdebebas Park.

The initial parameters in the development of the Masterplan are the exploitation and harnessing of the existing morphology of the terrain, so that the natural watercourses and the Arroyo de Valdebebas become the main unifying axis within the general scheme.

Equally, from the initial phases in the design process, Fenwick Iribarren have sought to implement their concept of ¨Blue Architecture¨, based on surpassing the traditional principles and assumptions of sustainable architecture in the environmental context, in favour of a sustainable architecture for people also.

Another aspect that differentiates this development is the special attention paid to the inclusion of important public facilities and amenities, thus providing a more predominant urban character to the scheme, with a view to promoting significant and expressive public urban spaces which will in turn create the distinctive identity of this new urban development.