Fenwick Iribarren Architects
Offices & Towers

An innovative project that seeks to create a unique, pleasant, efficient, healthy, and sustainable work environment.

  • Client Therus Invest
  • Location Madrid Spain
  • Size 60.250M2
  • Status Finished

The project involves the design of a tertiary complex in the Via Poblados area of Madrid. It is a modern architectural project that places great emphasis on functional and pleasant spaces for its users. The project consists of two buildings and is conceived as a single and flexible real estate complex that can be divided into two independent plots and two separate buildings.

In Helios, the aim was to create a simple design with clean lines, while still being a powerful structure. The concept is based on large horizontal “slabs” in black and white. The innovative idea is the color change, with each building constructed using two opposing colors.

The ground floor is pivotal in this project, as it provides an open space that enhances user flow and functionality. Special attention has been paid to the transition area: the entrance cores of each building are connected by a pergola that contributes to a sense of unity.

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